Bodyandmind.amsterdam is the online lifestyle magazine in Amsterdam where information is shared about everything related to a healthy and conscious living. From movement to nutrition and from balance to relaxation. Bodyandmind.amsterdam is a platform for both qualified specialists and those interested in a happy and healthy lifestyle.

On a daily base different authors write content on the latest trends in the field of health, blogs get posted about body and spirit (mind), readers get tips for a healthy lifestyle and we share news about activities based on health in Amsterdam. Whereby the quality and reliability of the information and treatments are by far the most important part. But above all, bodyandmind.amsterdam is an up to date and modern platform where we talk about health in a fun way.

over ons 5Founder

Bodyandmind.amsterdam is an initiative of Nicolien Brzesowsky. With Bodyandmind.amsterdam Nicolien wants to make here many years of experience and accumulated network accessible for a broader audience. Read more here.

Target Audience

Bodyandmind.amsterdam focuses on different target groups. They are defined as followed:
o age group from 30 years;
o higher educated people;
o those interested in healthy and a conscious lifestyle;
o parents with children;
o people from Amsterdam including expatriates;
o national and international visitors to Amsterdam;
o organizations and qualified specialists who offer services and products in the field of a healthy and conscious living.


On a daily base we put blogs on bodyandmind.amsterdam about one of our themes:
1 Monday: Move
2 Tuesday: Food
3 Wednesday: Kids
4 Thursday: Health & Balance
5 Friday: Leisure
6 Saturday and Sunday: Inspiration


Are you interested in a collaboration with bodyandmind.amsterdam? Contact us at info@bodyandmind.amsterdam about the possibilities as banners, advertorials and sponsorship. Of course there are variations or combinations possible. bodyandmind.amsterdam is also open to your proposal or idea. We are always looking for qualified specialists who want to contribute to our online lifestyle magazine with interesting blogs on a clear, level-headed and airy way.

More information

About our privacy policy and the information on bodyandmind.amsterdam you can read more in the disclaimer at the end of the site page.