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I’m Nicolien Brzesowsky (1968) and for more than ten years I have been a shiatsu-therapist and energetic coach. In addition to that I give a variety of different workshops. The basis for my formation as a human being and as a global citizen is laid by my birth in Ethiopia and the first years after when I lived in Indonesia. Before I became a shiatsu therapist, I completed the study Book trade and Publishing house and Public administration at the University of Amsterdam.

After my studies I became an assistant publisher, public relations officer, programme maker at cultural debate Centre De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam and I published two books. Although I always have had a great interest in other people, I started twenty years ago to do inner work in various ways to, first of all, develop myself further.

The vocational training Zen Shiatsu, medical basic knowledge and additional trainings in aura reading, healing and regression have formed me further. Since 2007 I also accompanied others; people who have health problems and/or are in a process of change. I use my hypersensitivity into this work; see also I find it inspiring to help people, to guide and to see that they become more aware of their body and energy balance. I practice this in Studio Open.

With Studio Open I encourage a wider range of possibilities for Amsterdam East and more cooperation and referral between different disciplines. I also do this now for Amsterdam with the lifestyle magazine

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