Salads at SLA

Since the opening of the very first SLA location in Amsterdam I am a big fan. Obviously, because this is the perfect spot to eat healthy, but also because this hotspot looks amazing. Light, white, clean and stylish. Upon entering, you immediately spot the huge salad bar/greenhouse where different ingredients are displayed. All kinds of green plants hang above the tables. And in the store lay several cookbooks including SLA its own book to have a browse in and get inspired.

Healthy and delicious

But most and for all you will go to this trendy salad bar to have something to eat. Well-stocked salads, oaties or spelt bread with hummus, soups of the season, smoothies, juices and vegan snacks. Everything is delicious and all equally healthy. For the great doubters among us SLA has composed a number of salads to choose from. But you can also make your own salad with ingredients that you like. Choose a type of lettuce, a dressing, a grain/seed/pod, three types of vegetables, topping and any extras such as falafel, goat cheese, an egg or avocado. And nice to know: pretty much everything here is organic and, where possible, of Dutch origin.

Salads to go

I go to SLA on a regular base for a bite to eat or to have a coffee with friends. Served with a piece of ‘raw salted caramel cheesecake’. Or a piece of pumpkin bread. And you can do that in Amsterdam now on at least five locations; also in Utrecht SLA has opened up a spot. Nice! And good to know, finally: you can also take your salads home with you! For both lunch and dinner a good solution when you don’t feel like or have the time to cook, but do like to eat something healthy. Very handy!



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