Move stress out of your body

One thing leads to another… During my Hatha Yoga training, that focuses on relaxation through poses, a fellow student told me about Critical Alignment Yoga (CAY yoga). This is a yoga style that focuses on relaxation through movement. My curiosity was aroused and I took on the adventure.


I enjoyed it that much, that I followed the Critical Alignment Yoga training. From the perspective of founder Gert van Leeuwen I gained a much greater insight into how the body acts on the mind, and how the mind acts on the body. He has unraveled the yoga exercises to their essence. His method gives new insights into movement, stress and our being on a daily basis. I now feel I’m really able to help people. The method is very suitable for RSI, neck, shoulder and back problems. I’m hugely motivated when people tell me after a while that they are free of symptoms.


Because of CAY yoga it has become clear to me how strained muscles can return in a relaxed state. There are several tools developed that help to get deep into the tension area and reduce the tension. In the beginning of a class the band and mat are used to relax the muscles in the back. Towards the end, the shoulder stand bench is mostly used.


A CAY class starts with relaxation to give the muscles alongside the spine a chance to release. It is like tuning a music instrument. From relaxation movement is sought, and from there the challenge is taken on of the asanas (poses) with great stretches.

Travel guide

I approach a class as a journey, in which I am the travel guide. It’s important to me that at the end of the journey, people have experienced something that enriches them. On adventure through one’s own body.

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