Did you know …?

Did you know that in the Netherlands there are more than 2.5 million people have difficulty with reading, writing and/or arithmetic? And did you know that the health of functional illiteracy is often worse than that of literacy? I didn’t, until I came into contact with the site of the Stichting Lezen & Schrijven (foundation for reading & writing). That is why this blog!

Reading and writing and health

Research has shown that the health of literate people in many ways is better than that of people who have difficulty with reading and writing. They often lack the skills to cope with information about health, illness and care. The consequences of this are large. Functional illiteracy more often feel both mentally and physically less healthy than non-functional illiteracy. It even goes so far as that functional illiteracy more likely die earlier.

The Foundation

Stichting Lezen & Schrijven is convinced that everyone in the Netherlands should be able to read, writ, arithmetic and must be able to deal with a computer. The Foundation makes therefore low literacy topic of conversation at public and politics and supports across the country municipalities, institutions, companies, teachers and volunteers in organizing training. The result: happiness, health and growth for more than 15,000 people annually.

Recognize and act

Unfortunately  on low literacy still a rests taboo. Often people are ashamed, thinking that they are stupid and the only one in their environment. It is therefore not easy to discuss the subject. They are often good at hiding the problem with excuses such as “I’m forget my glasses” or “I complete that form later ‘. There are more signals on which base you can see if someone is struggling with the language. Click here to read more and what you can do (Dutch).

Particular to the site is that visitors have the opportunity to let read out texts that are available. In addition, you will find all kinds of articles and Tools such as for example de Taalzoeker (language seeker). With it you can find in an easy way a course in your area. If you want to help people with reading and/or writing problems, you can also sign up as a volunteer. First you get a course, so you get started well prepared.

In short, a visit to this site is highly recommended. More English information.

Photo credits: Pixabay