Fruits and vegetables for bladder inflammation

You might recognise it? A burning sensation when urinating and after a urine test at your GP it turns out you have a bladder infection. Many people have suffered from it. But did you know that your nutrition can contribute to the healing of it?

Being healthy through nature

For solutions to infections such as a urinary tract you van use natural resources. “D-mannose” is a good tool for that. D-mannose is a simple form of sugar (carbohydrate) that occurs naturally in some fruits such as pineapple and cranberries. This type of sugar supports healthy functioning of the urinary tract and can therefore prevent bladder infections. The sugar D-mannose form is also found in many plants and species of fungi.

How it works

The absorption of D-mannose is slower than other sugars. In addition, it is not converted to glycogen and also not stored as it. An important portion of the form D-mannose sugar is absorbed unchanged into the bloodstream. After it has passed through the kidneys, it continues the natural way with the urine via the ureters, the bladder and the urethra where it completes its operation to support healthy urinary tract.

Association nature dieticians

Also the association nature dieticians Netherlands confirms the positive functioning of D-mannose: “cranberries already had a good name for bladder inflammation, but now also the D-mannose will be a recommendation to use for urinary tract infections. Fruit and vegetables contribute to a healthy urinary tract. Fresh pineapple, a glass of cranberry juice, onions-bean soup are all natural ways to maintain your bladder.”

Get through winter without a bladder infection by eating nutritious!

Photocredits: Lisan Akkerman