Gorilla as a totem animal

A baby gorilla was born in Artis last February. That had my attention straight away. Last fall, during a workshop rituals, I pulled the tarot card of the gorilla. The card was submitted by the tarot game by Ted Andrews. He is the author of the successful Listen to animals. He used his knowledge of shamanic practices and wildlife to build a particular tarot game: Totem animal Tarot.

The cards are intended as a tool to enhance our intuitive abilities, to strengthen the bond with the animal world and find answers to questions like What do I do?”, “When should I act?” and “What does life has in store for me?”

Strength and generosity

I don’t know much about gorillas except that they are the largest among the monkeys, that they are very black and hairy. It turns out to be that they are peaceful and gentle animals. They live in groups and are loyal to each other. What I find very special was the description of Ted Andrews at the game card of the gorilla: when you draw this card, it can point to the involvement of a man in a business venture. And let my husband and I  just have set up bodyandmind.amsterdam together! The gorilla reminds you how good it is to do things for your family and the society. And that you will also be appreciated for it.

Totem animal Tarot

I think the great thing about these animals cards is that you will get more insight on nature by encounters with animals. ‘Totem animal Tarot’ teaches you how we can communicate with animals and how we understand ourselves by these contacts. Totem animal Tarot contains 78 tarot cards of totem animals, a work book in which all cards are described and the different directions of laying out the cards.

Do you also like to lay animal cards? You can order them via bol.com.


Photocredits: Henri Vial