Diary of a detoxer

This is my second year that I am doing the 21-day spring-detox, with Neel, where Nicolien previously also wrote a blog about. It wasn’t actually my plan to do it, because I had been so busy. But in the end that was exactly the right reason tox take part in the spring detox again. Three weeks of only vegan food, so no animal products. And also no sugar, gluten, coffee, alcohol and eating from packets – the so-called processed foods – are out of the question.

Consciously groceries shopping

That means I have to be very aware of my grocery shopping, cooking and what I eat. And to me that means rest for my system, no nutrients that work (over) stimulating, though a focus on the way of cooking what in basic is healthy for my body. I am always getting very conscious again of what I put in my mouth in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, while I am actually not really hungry or it’s something that I don’t even really like.

Preparation for detox

The preparation starts a week earlier. So five days before the start of the detox, the first mail from Neel: what I can eat and what not. And the command to reduce the intake of products that are no longer allowed later on. I already don’t eat meat, to leave wine, dairy and cookies is not a problem but I find it hard to reduce drinking coffee.

Headache through detoxifying

For at least three days I have headaches through detoxifying and the urge for a good cup of coffee. In my grumpy mood I wonder why on earth I have specified for this. To have food and drinks where and whenever I feel like, is in my own right, right?

Fortunately, the headache disappears on time, and I feel fitter. No longer that dopey haze that can be dislodged with coffee only. The day before the start of the detox is a Sunday, which we celebrate with banana buckwheat pancakes. Healthy and tasty cooking, which I’ll be doing a lot again in the coming weeks. To be continued…

Photocredits: Tanja van Wier