Increase resistance and resilience

Do you want more resilience and increase your resistance? Chi kung exercises can help you and your personal development. You can practice chi kung sitting or lying.

Zittende Chi Kung 2 f Andra PerrinBenefits of sitting

If you do seated chi kung, the degree of relaxation in the body is larger than if you’re practising standing chi kung. The tone of the body makes more effort to stand still. The advantage of sitting is that you also absorb more in your mind and body.

It is also a kind of luxury break to fit in the daily routine. All of a sudden you go down and you stop with the forward flow of activities and thoughts you have. You decide to put everything on pause, but not on silent.

Inner observations

During seated chi kung you give yourself optimal space to observe your inner feeling, to discover and grow. That is how your mind, soul and body intertwine and become one, complement each other and support eacother. There is time and space to consciously look at mobility, flexibility and resilience of the lower back, or the connections between tension in the jaw, and neck and shoulder complaints.

Combination of standing and sitting

In my classes I focus on chi kung as a complete training form. The classes are mixed: we work standing, sitting, and lying. There are beginners and experienced practitioners, the ages are between 35 and 80 and there are men and women. A bit of a reflection of our society.

In the chi kung you will learn to create a deep inner contact with yourself and to cultivate, also to the outside world. You learn in addition to get in touch with another without losing your own connection and feeling or to deficit.

Do you want to know what chi kung can do for you? For more information about the classes have a look on the site of Andra Perrin.

Photocredits: Andra Perrin