Sports for children

Sport is healthy, especially for children. Of course your child can play outside, take part in a sport walk-in your neighborhood or become member of a sports association. But have you ever thought of a course trampoline jumping, skating or children’s yoga? Body and mind has collected a few sport ideas for kids.

Trampoline jumping

That’s nice, sport on the trampoline! You can only jump of course, but also a learn how to make a nice salto or a backflip. Even dancing or play dodge is possible on a trampoline. Does your kid like to discover all kinds of moves and tricks to? For children from 7 years old, there is a special training. With a stadspas you pay almost nothing. Also just outside Amsterdam, in Amstelveen, they give a trampoline course. Ask about the affordable trial class .

Children’s yoga

If the whole week is busy and hectic, yoga seems to me a delicious rest point for your child. Children’s yoga is learning in a playful way to relax and move. Children do not yoga postures and breathing exercises during a lesson. There will also be danced, played and massaged. There are children’s lessons in different places, usually in groups of 4 to 7 years and from 7 to 12 years. And do you as a parent also need a moment to relax? Go with your child to a parent-child course, for example in the Vondelpark or at Yogaleentje, Tanja van Wier wrote a blog about it on this site.


Skating; probably you did I yourself as a child. Skating is not a new sport, but for each new generation of children again supercool. Especially if you can do it together and outside. And not only in summer. Skate lessons you will find in the Vondelpark. And if it rains you can always go to an indoor skating track.

Get started

Is there one you like? Many courses start this or next week. The ideal time to get started. It is often also possible to start later in the season. I wish you and your children lots of fun.

O, before I forget, if you have any other special sport ideas where we should pay attention to, please let us know.

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