About parent-child yoga class

Sunday Afternoon Karuna and I go to the parent-child yoga class of Yoga Leentje, together. An hour and a half long we do playful and acrobatic exercises together, giggle when the exercise is not entirely successful, or if the massage tickles, look into each other’s eyes and see how we care for each other, even more than normal. We are moving around in our little cocoon, where we feel light and happy.

As safe…

At the end, we lay together on the mat, faces towards each other, arms around each other. Quiet, hugging, giving kisses. We get a blanket on top of us, which strengthens the feeling of being together even more. How safe we are there, together on a yoga mat under a purple blanket. I feel happy and moved, while I’m getting aware of all of this. How blessed we are that we, in all obviousness, are safe together. There are so many people, far away but also close by, for whom the daily reality is so different, where all they are busy with is to survive and looking for security together with their children.

…that ’s what every parent deserves

Suddenly I lie on that mat terribly sad. Every mother and father should be allowed to be so warm and secure with her/his children together. There, on that mat, I can only return to the previous safe feeling (at least: try) and hope/pray that as many other people this may have at the same time. When we are cycling home I actually realise it is not enough. I still don’t know how, but I want more people under that purple blanket.

For everyone who wants to know more about the parent-child yoga class, can have a look on: www.yogaleentje.nl.

Photocredits: Jeroen Amelsvoort