Coffee in the Javastraat

I’ve already walked passed it a lot of times, Hartje Oost on the Java Straat. I just hadn’t found the right time to go in there, although my  Studio Open is around the corner. My girlfriend Karin’s birthday lunch seemed the opportunity to me to discover this coffee boutique. And it turned out that they also have something to celebrate: they exist for two years now!

They passed the coffee test

Let me tell you first, I am a huge fan of good coffee. If the coffee is too weak or disappointing, I can get really grumpy. So that’s my criterion number 1 when I go somewhere. But at Hartje Oost they fortunately have a delicious cappuccino, served in old-fashioned cups with their name on it.

Tasteful interior

It’s a nice, bright room with plenty to see and buy: clothing, furniture, accessories and personal care products. Very stylish also because of the wooden furniture, lighting and small details. The menu is varied, you can have breakfast, lunch and if you fancy a pie you are also at the right address for that. Everything is organic, sustainable, honest, original and local.

Warm avocado

We both took a sourdough roll, I got the hot roll of the day. A surprising combination of avocado, spinach, homemade pesto and mozzarella. Karin took the vegetarian sandwich with tomato, humus, zucchini and eggplant. Our conclusion: honest and delicious!

The owners

Hartje Oost was set up by Esther and Eline. With Hartje Oost they emphatically did not want to meet the standard. “We are different from other stores or coffee shops that you know, but still very familiar. We stand for organic, sustainable, honest, original and local. In addition, all our products have a story and they are prepared with love. We love to tell you more about it. Or not. If you don’t feel like it.”

Finally. Don’t forget to bring a visit to the toilets, because these are an experience in itself. Atmospheric and ecological paper towels as a finishing touch. My nice experience in this oasis of East is complete.

Are you also curious about this nice coffee boutique; check out Hartje Oost!

Photocredits: Facebook/HartjeOostAmsterdam