Maintain that holiday feeling

Unfortunately, we all know how fast your holiday feeling can disappear after returning home. Nevertheless, a summer holiday can do wonders, according to different studies. We become more productive in our work and we are more motivated to reach goals. After a holiday of at least two weeks we even have a better life perspective claims psychologist Francine Lederer (English). Every reason to try to maintain your holiday feeling longer this time. According to my trainees the next holiday tips work fine as a buffer against work stress.


  1. Prevent return stress. Are you the type that comes back sooner from holiday to prepare for your work rhythm? Make sure your extra days not become extra stress days. Fill your days in such a way that you have a peaceful switch. That is easier if you end your holiday halfway the week. For example, start your first day of work on Thursday, so it will not last too long before another weekend starts.
  2. Experience After-fun. Enjoy your holiday memories as long as possible. Collect the most beautiful pictures. Tell at least five different people what your best holiday moment has been, for example, your last day. Remember amusing details, because these make your holiday feeling larger afterwards.
  3. Ensure relaxation. A holiday feeling is also being able to relax. Once a week at work, we forget how good it feels to have to do nothing. Such breaks for the spirit are also important during your work. Psychologists call this: productive idleness.
  4. Use your freedom. A holiday feeling is, above all, a sense of freedom; choose what you’re going to do and decide how to get from A to B. Also in other situations you have freedom of choice, more than you think. Check how you can strengthen your autonomy.

More holiday feeling?

More recommendations for an effective holiday, can be found in the book of Jessica Bloom. In this you will find also a tip as “use a special shampoo ‘. Are you looking for more sustainable solutions for relaxation and freedom in your work? Look what you can learn from my workshop.