Craving a silent head

I have a busy and hectic life: work, child, relationship, practice, a lively group of friends and family. And lets not forget about the groceries and the household. Besides that I also have a craving for a silent head and an open connection with my internal self.


There are only 24 hours in a day and it happens to me a lot that I give priority to all the other businesses but not to having a silent head. When that patterns takes too long, I get imbalanced, feel stressed and cut off from myself.

There have been lots of developments in our society to find ways to reconnect with yourself. What works for some of us, recalls stress for others. For example, the idea that I have to sit still and stare in a candle flame for hours to reconnect, feels like it would push my stress-level to a risky hight.

Sound and music soothe

In the nineties I travelled a lot in the Far East, and the Southf of Europe and I lived and worked with an Indian tribe in North America. That is where I experienced that sound and music bring me back to myself in a very easy way. The combination of sound of different instruments vibrate through all of your coatings towards your Core. You come across feelings and experience physical sensations.

And I am not the only one. Watch and listen for example to our dj’s who bring millions of people from all over the world into a trance and ecstasy with their specific mix of sound and rhythm. Through the ages we have become troubled by listening to opera and other classical music. The sound of a trumpet on the 4th of May brings us into a cultural divided feeling of silence and repentance. Worldwide we soothe our children by singing lullabies and even before birth, thanks to modern scientific resources it is visible, that we respond to the voice of our mother.

Would you also like to experience through sounds how to reconnect with yourself or experience the silence within? Try sound healing!

With an individual sound healing session you lay on a massage table underneath a blanket. You will make an internal journey where Janine uses bowls, drums and rattles and her voice to work on and next to your body.

The sound healing takes place in a group where you lay on a mattress on the floor underneath a blanket while Janine works around the participants.

Photocredits: Mirjam van Klink