On Saturday 3 September a new series of biodanza for women classes will start in Amsterdam-West. Biodanza means ‘ dance of life ‘. A workshop consists of dance exercises that are performed individually and with each other.

Dancing to your own feeling

Biodanza does not work with prescribed steps, dancers follow their feeling and create their own movement. People who do it a lot usually feel better and experience more energy, creativity, fun and connection in their lives.

biodanza 2Biodanza (‘ the dance of life ‘) is a system aimed at increasing quality of life. It is developed in the 1960s by the Chilean psychologist and medical anthropologist Rolando Toro Araneda, who had a healthier and more loving world in mind. During dancing we put the life central with everything that goes with it. Joy, desires, dreams, everything is part of man and may be there completely. By dancing we experience again and again what lives in us and what moves us.

I didn’t know what biodanza was, but really like to dance and that is why I just participated. Since then I come every Saturday. It is a nice group with very different women. The exercises that we do have a positive impact on my daily life. Biodanza gives me energy! “ Clara (participant)

Magical Mix

The weekly classes are given on Saturday afternoon from 16:00-17:30 in Amsterdam-West by teacher Vera, under supervision of Biodanzaschool Utrecht.

Biodanza 3Vera about biodanza: “We use music from Bach to the Beatles, from tango to jazz. Moving makes free, you see the other and you will be seen. Biodanza invites you to be totally in the moment, with all there is to it. It is a Magical Mix of music, dance, meet and being. ”


Location and time

Every Saturday from 16:00-17:30 (walk-in from 15.45 hours). You can start every week. Location; FemmeGym (gym for women), Vancouvers Pixabay, Nannie de Rooij, Ronald Pronk traat 6hs, Amsterdam. Info/sign up: biodanzametvera. Participation is free of charge.


Photo credits: Pixabay, Nannie de Rooij, Ronald Pronk.