Quantum Light Breath meditation

The Quantum Light Breath (QLB) is a highly concentrated breath-meditation-process, which speeds up your personal development by passing the conscious thinking and by loosening old programming directly from the unconscious. It reduces the need for analysis, painful emotional experiences, years of therapy or personal growth and infertile meditation. It brings you in an expanded state of consciousness. You are experiencing universal love really and not as an unattainable concept. There is a deep connection with the universal intelligence.

What can you expect of the QLB?

Expect deep and powerful changes! The QLB will cleanup impurities and toxins from the different layers of your being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Be aware that the QLB is a meditation. It is designed as a technique to break through thinking without to get started with the thinking. In the 20 years that Jeru Kabbal (founder QLB) has worked with thousands of people, he has seen repeatedly that the best way to handle thinking, is to change your attitude to it. If we change our attitude towards thinking, the thought will itself, because the thinking is our own creation. The main part of the thinking is the subconscious, that is a kind of mega computer that saves everything – so even all our traumatic experiences including and from birth. The astonishing is that the unconscious believes that all these traumatic experiences still happen.

QLB opens yourself to the Present

When practicing this meditation, it is important to open up yourself for the rather radical idea that only the present exists. The present is all there is to it. The so-called past does not exist. It is over forever. The future never comes. Only this moment is real. Memories are fantasy.

This is an abridged text of Jeru Kabbal, founder of the QLB. Click here to read the original text of Jeru Kabbal. (English)

Do you want to experience QLB meditation yourself? This is possible in Studio Open in September and November .