On the beach

What a wonderful feeling; I’m on the beach in Italy. At the end of September, it is not so hot and no longer very crowded and the atmosphere is even friendlier. I feel the warmth of the sun, the sand of the beach and the wind constantly moving over my body at the same time. Around me the sound of voices, a bag of chips that crisps and a beach seller who with tries to sell his goods with; ‘beautiful, beautiful, discount now’. A bit further away I hear a barking dog, bicycle bells(!), a motor boat, a church bell that rings with two different tones, both the hour and the quarters. And at my feet, the sound of the sea, always magnificent and in this weather and circumstances, reassuring.

Breathing room

I do an exercise from the Mindfulness: breathing room.

o What are my thoughts at the moment? I am thinking of next week, when I am back to work and to what we will eat later on.

o What are my physical sensations of the moment? I feel the heat of the sun, the wind, my wet bikini, the soft fabric of the towel and the hard under layer of the sand.

o What is my feeling at the moment? I feel relaxation, tranquility, satisfaction.


And again and again come the thoughts come up: fantasies and to-do lists. That’s not a problem, it belongs there and it is one of the characteristics of the human mind. I direct my attention to my breath and follow this moment by moment. It is my anchor to the present. Idleness, only, dolce far niente, how hard can it be …

Anchor in pregnancy

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Photo credits: Pixabay