A conscious start of Spring

It’s already March and the nature is preparing for the arrival of Spring. A new beginning, a new fresh start. It is the time of year to become more active and the time of leaving the fatigue from the dark, cold winter days behind you. The time of renewing, to make room for plans, and the ideal time for a cleaning. A mild detox can help with that.

Approach to complaints

A detox (cleaning, detoxification) helps to reduce physical and mental changes. Health complaints such as fatigue, poor sleep, skin problems, back pain, stiff muscles, aching joints, bowel problems, unclear allergies and menstrual complaints can be addressed. Also emotional complaints such as stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, anger and sorrow can be alleviated.


o more energy and vitality
o more awareness of impact of nutrition on body and mind
o more space in body and mind
o more splitting of energy; less mood swings
o develop a more quiet and clear mind
o strengthen immune system
o getting a glowing skin
o breaking addictions, patterns and habits

My experience

Last year I entered the 21-day Spring detox at Neel Schmidt. I found it beautiful that it was a combination of detox and yoga. It was a mild detox, so not only juices. I’m not the right person for a very strict diet and love good food. Fortunately we got delicious recipes and there remained enough to enjoy. It has made me aware of differences in your body if you are staying of coffee, sugar, alcohol, meat and milk products. And to feel the changes in your body during the yoga lessons. After the detox I felt not only physically, but also mentally lighter and more energetic. A good start to Spring!

The program

Neel of Elemental Flow would love to guide you in this spring-detox. To do a detox together inspires and supports.

Would you also like to have a spring cleaning for your body; For more information have a look on Elemental Flow.