Two sides of one soul

A meeting and reunion with your twin soul; who doesn’t dream about it? Do you have an open or maybe secretly cherished desire for the perfect completion of yourself? Someone who fully sees and hears you; with whom you form a unity without losing yourself in or projecting your wishes on the other.

Twin soul or still soulmate

In life we meet many soul mates, but only one twin soul. Twin souls represent two sides of one soul. Soulmates often have a close relationship, but are separate souls of origin. Twin souls are the same, they are on the same wavelength or frequency. They are each other’s complement.

But how are you sure that you have found your twin soul? That’s something you can only feel and experience. During our first meeting a relentless energy flow was unleashed that rapidly multiplied. Although we didn’t know what it meant then, we knew that we had to make it work. We started a journey of exploration.

A moment of truth

Through healing and reading each other we get to know each other in essence. Twin souls trigger in each other what is still unbalanced. This process takes guts and ultimate vulnerability. And at the same time unconditional love for the rich palette of male and female forces, flowing and forming energy, united in our connection.

Mission life

To accept the special connection, to learn and pass on every day again is the mission of twin souls. That’s how growth and development are lifted to a higher level. For twin souls themselves, but also for others. The welfare of the fellow human being and his home, the earth, are central.

How can you create a healthy male-female balance within yourself and let your talents flourish? Check out our website: Twinfinity. Learn about Twinsoul Healing en find blogs to read.

Caspar Veeger and Nicole Tulfer provide healing at the launching event of Body and Mind Amsterdam on Friday the 25th of March 2016!

Photo credits: Jonathan Pendleton