Veganism: vegetable food

A new trend that is also visible in Amsterdam in plenty of restaurants and shops is the vegan food. There are more and more people who choose not to eat meat, fish but also no dairy products! Veganism is the new vegetarian food! What is veganism actually?

Veganism is healthy!

Vegans eat no meat and fish, but also no eggs, butter, honey, gelatin, milk, cheese and cream. Vegans consciously choose to eat only fruits, vegetables, seeds, flowers, oil and nuts. Products that mother earth produces directly, you might say. Beside that veganism prevents animal suffering, it is also very healthy to eat in this way. Most vegans are conscious people who also choose organic fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin B12

For vegans it is important to swallow vitamin B12. This vitamin is found in animal products and if you eat only vegetable food, you often get a shortage of B12. A good site to read more about the life of a vegan and to get ideas for recipes is Vegadutchie.

Detox Spring detoxChickpeas pancakes

Editor Tanja wrote previously about her favorite recipes of Vegadutchie: the chickpeas pancakes, with a number of toppings there really a feast. Also the baked sweet potato with guacamole is a tasty discovery. You can also read the book Vegadutchie to get ideas. For sale for € 12.50 on . In English there is for example the site I love vegan where you can find good information about veganism.

Vegan Restaurants

In Amsterdam you can eat vegan dishes in restaurants below:

Also check out the blogs of De Groene Meisjes, which are specialized in reviews of vegan hotspots and delicious recipes like roasted nuts with curry and rosemary and rhubarb flaps. Love it!

Photo credits: Vegadutchie en Pixabay