Session give birth with partners

Last weekend I accompanied a session give birth with partners. I always look forward to this session with great pleasure. Not only because I am going to meet the partners behind the pregnant women, but also because the women often tell me carefully in advance that their partners have not so much with mindfulness. I am not real worried about this. My concern is that both the pregnant women and the partners feel good when give birth. We work mainly on confidence, the role of the partners and that they, as a team, irreverently said, can do this ‘job’. Because … giving birth you do together.

Powerless feeling

Meanwhile, I have spoken many (young) fathers, almost all of them told me how powerless they felt. To see their loved one in pain, that is quite something. In the session I discuss how important the role of the partner actually is. Not to get into panic, above all, to remain calm. In order to continue to radiate confidence, that all will be fine. And how they can actively encourage their wife. Sometimes just by their presence.

Tune in on baby

During giving birth you are not only working. Your baby is working just as hard. Often we not to seem to be aware of this. Especially when we are overwhelmed by terrible pains. Important is precisely during these moments to stay ‘ tuned in‘, with your child in mind. By staying near to the signals from your body. Even if you want to get away in your head and have thoughts as: I want or can’t do this! Some women succeed, and fortunately more and more, to keep up and to pass over this moment. By continuing to think of their baby, which is coming ever closer. By the keeping in mind the larger aim.


And the fathers… almost all tell me afterwards that they have ‘picked up something ‘ from the session. Whatever that may be; o). Read more on .


Photo credits: Pixabay