A salute to the Sun

As I have promised last week, this week I’m explaining The sun salutation. The sun salutation is a series of postures that you run in a flow. The whole body is covered and it delivers both strength and flexibility. The sun salutation is very suitable as warming up. No wonder you see him popping up in other sports!

A good start is…

A good start of your day! The series is great a warming up, but also as a self-contained exercise series! When you choose for this last one, then repeat the series 5-8 times. A wonderful way to start up your day! It gives you a powerful feeling and a healthy mind-set!


When you know the series by heart and repeats them several times a day, the series get a meditative character. In the last position, the triangle (downward facing dog), you stay 5 breaths. This is a good time to observe your body and to stay in the moment! Let thoughts that come to mind pass. Use your attention to make contact with your body and feel what is going on, physically and mentally!

The sun salutation

De zonnegroet

  1. Breathe in and raise your arms;
  2. Exhale and bring the hands to the floor (possibly bend the legs);
  3. Breath in and look up;
  4. Exhale and step back and bend the arms (legs straight is heavier);
  5. Inhale and straighten the arms, lift your sternum;
  6. Exhale and bring the buttocks to the ceiling (if necessary, bend the legs).


I hope you will enjoy the series. And who knows, when there are sufficient repeats, we have a bit more sun this summer!

Before I forget, the blog from last week ‘ holiday in balance ‘ and the exercise that is part of it, you can find here on Body and Mind.