Clean your body from the inside

The importance of detoxification

During winter we eat rich and fat to keep warm, while spring is the perfect time to clean your body. To make a start in this blog a recipe for a spring cleaning broth!

How do you help your body to clean the inside? With green high fiber leaf vegetable, radish and shiitake . The green fiber-rich vegetables like leeks, broccoli, spinach, cabbage and turnip tops stimulate your intestines to digest and help to tidy phlegm. The more high fiber you eat, the better your intestines are ‘ swept ‘ and will be activated.

Spring onion is a typical spring vegetable, it grows upwards, rising, new energy! We will use it as a garnish in the following recipe. Black radish works draining and can well be used in soup. With shiitake, which loosens animal fat, more waste is drained. Ginger also helps to loosen fat. Furthermore, lotus root is good to clean your lungs, you can buy this at a toko.

Shoyu broth

With shiitake, daikon, ginger and spring onion (for 4 persons)

o   4 dried shiitakes;

o   4 cm dried kombu, (seaweed form the nature shop or toko);

o   Piece of daikon sliced in julienne-style;

o   ½ fennel in pieces (or another sweet vegetable);

o   possibly pieces of lotus root;

o   shoyu soya sauce to taste;

o   ¼ small jar of organic corn;

o   4 cm finely grated ginger;

o   Spring onion finely chopped (garnish);

o   1 a 1,5 L-water;


  1. soak the shiitakes in water;
  2. put the kombu in about 1 liter of water and let it cook for 5 minutes while you wash the daikon and fennel, cut them into strips or pieces and add it;
  3. remove the kombu out of the water and save it. You can boil kombu with beans, they will become softer;
  4. grate the ginger (you don’t need to peel it, you will only use the juice) and cut the spring onion garnish;
  5. when the daikon and ginger are almost cooked, add the corn and season, bring it to taste with shoyu and squeezed ginger juice.


Enjoy your meal.

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Photo Credit: Riske de Vries