How Bach flower supports

“I’m still sooo tired! I’m gonna stay in bed for a bit longer.” Do these thoughts go through your mind sometimes, when your alarm clock goes off in the morning and you did have your 8 hours sleep. It does to me. A lot of times I think “bleh, I wish I did not have to get up.” And once I am up and it’s half an hour later, I actually feel alright, and I will get through the day alright. Without feeling tired.

A little push…

The Bach flower Remedy Hornbeam helps me in that case. It works for those people who find themselves frustrated in the morning with the day to come. While you should be fresh and excited, after a good night sleep. It is just a mental and not a physical fatigue. Hornbeam is also for people who do not find pleasure anymore in daily rituals and worries. Working every day, walking the dog everyday, shopping, cooking… You can’t see the fun of it anymore. Hornbeam gives you mental resilience and the ability to enjoy the moment. Because every moment is new. It can not repeat itself; it’s always another moment!

Bach flower remedies stimulate a positive feeling

The Bach remedy is an easy healing method that has been invented by Dr. Edward Bach. He discovered that blossoms can turn negative states of mind into positive ones. A flower remedy is a -through a simple process (cooking or sun method) obtained liquid in which the carrier (spring water) saved the essence of a certain flower. This is supplemented with alcohol so the liquid can be kept longer. If you want to know more about these remedies you can have a look at

Photocredits: Sukha