6 reasons to work out in the rain

“You’re not made of sugar!”, my grandma always said, when I not wanted to go outside during a rain shower. And still I say NO to an outdoor sport session when it’s raining cats and dogs. Until now! Because online I came across an article with 6 reasons why you actually should sport in the rain. Check them out in this blo

1. Perfect temperature

Numero 1! Rain does not mean necessarily that it is cold outside? And as soon as you move your heart rate goes up quite a lot, and also your body temperature increases a few degrees. Rain can then be very fine refreshing. No overheating anymore after an intense session.

2. Energy boost

According to me the most common excuse: “I’m too tired to work out”. While you’re just getting so much energy back! Especially you get a refreshing rain shower while you’re sweating. This gives you really an energy boost!

3. Quiet

If you are convinced after reading this article and work out in the rain… then you probably will notice how quiet, it is outside! On a warm summer morning, you’re probably not the only one that follows a bootcamp lesson or goes for a run. But if it rains you have about all the space for yourself!

4. Invincible

Sports makes you feel strong and confident. And trust me: especially when you have a workout in a big rainstorm! No one can touch you anymore, right?

5. Fresh air

Especially summers a rainstorm creates an incredibly fresh air. No stale air, less pollen (good news for hay fever patients). But a delicious smell and the feel of a new dose of oxygen.

6. Hot shower

Do you take a shower right after your work out? Nothing better than showering after getting wet by the rain. Heeeeaven!