Join hands in a Tipi

As Indians we sit in a circle for a group hand reading in a Tipi tent at a festival. Close to each other so we keep warm and stay dry. It’s raining outside and inside the hands open for us. I may tell about the hands and what they say about us. The festival noise gets quiet and everyone is fascinated by the circle of hands. Hands of men and women, young and old and mostly unknown to each other.

Inspiration session with hands

Often I am asked to do ‘something’ as a hand analyst at a festival or party. Especially when there is a great diversity of people, an inspiration session works very nice. I use the hands to urge people to look to them self and to open for the other.

When I start with the session I see that all eyes are on me. People wait until I’m going to tell and bring them inspiration. At the time I ask everyone to lay the hands on the table something wonderful happens. First the look goes to the own hand. Soon after this moment everyone looks to the hands of another. Hands are compared and curious examined.

Be open to each other through hands

If I tell about the meaning of the lines or characters I see that people start searching in their own hands and then also at each other’s. They open themselves to each other. The judge about the self and the other disappears and there is an open and deep way of making contact. From that moment there is an equivalent encounter.

And so we sit in the Tipi, no longer only with the attention to me but with attention to each other. And when I later walk over the festival site I see that in the Tipi a begin was made to further contact between these people, who started as strangers to each other.

Want to try a group hand reading?

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