It’s still summer and we go outdoor (yoga)!

Did you know that you can practice outdoor yoga in Amsterdam at many places? The outside air gives an extra dimension to the perception of the yoga class. You can hear the birds, you stand with your feet really on the earth and you feel the wind in your face.

An additional benefit of outdoor yoga classes is that separate classes are always possible, so you can compare different locations, styles and teachers. Outdoor yoga is the perfect start to a day out in your own city. By the peace of nature and the beautiful locations people often stay, unlike mostly at yoga schools, a little longer after the lesson, which can lead to nice meetings.

Here you can go!

In the coming weeks until the end of September you can go for outdoor yoga classes at the following locations:

Beach yoga

strandyogaBlijburg aan Zee. Gather on the terrace of Blijburg or when its bad weather inside.

Saturday 10.30-12.00

  • April to September
  • Kundalini yoga
  • € 10,00 per lesson


By: Kundalini Yoga

“Discover the nature in Amsterdam and feel on holiday in your own city!”

Park yoga

park 1Westerpark. Move//West gather for the studio Move//West in Westerpar

Saturday 09.15-10.45

  • July to August
  • Every week another teacher/other style
  • Free


By: Series / Lululemon –


“Throughout the summer special yoga classes with inspiring teachers on a beautiful location”

park 2Tuin buurtboerderij Ons Genoegen Westerpark. Gather in the garden in front of the farm.

Wednesday 9:30 am-11:00 & Sunday 10.30-12.00

  • April to September
  • Kundalini yoga
  • € 12.50 per class

By: Kundalini Yoga Amsterdam –

“Discover the nature in Amsterdam and feel on holiday in own city!”

park 3Westerpark : Gather at de Bakkerswinkel

Sunday 10 am-10:00 & 11:00-12:00

  • June to August
  • Various styles
  • € 10.00



By: Kemna Yoga –


FlevoparkFlevopark. Gather at ‘ de poort ‘, this is an extension of the Javastraat en het Javaplantsoen Tuesday

18.00-19.30 & Saturday 10.30-12.00

  • June to September
  • Vinyasa yoga (prana flow inspired)
  • 8.00 € per lesson


“Energizing and relaxing poses are alternated in a fine meditative flow on the soundtrack of birdsongs and under the relaxing trees of the beautiful Flevopark”

WaterVondelpark. Gather next to the tennis courts

Sunday 10.30-11.30

  • April to September
  • Yoga Bootcamp
  • Free


By: Anete Veidemane – contact via sign in Meetup

SUP yoga

water 2Beachclub Blijburg. Gather on the ground floor of Beachclub Blijburg

Wednesday 7:30-8:30 & Sunday 11.30-12.30

  • April to September
  • SUP yoga
  • € 20.00 (incl. all material-also a wetsuit if necessary)

By: M&M Stand Up Paddling

“Yoga on a stand up paddle board gives yoga another dimension and on nice days we add also a fun element”

Special location

water 3The Ceuvel. Gather at the Workship (houseboat), directly under the gate go to the left on the pier.

Friday 09.30-11.00

  • April to September
  • Kundalini yoga
  • 12.50 € per lesson

By: Kundalini Yoga Amsterdam –

“Discover the nature in Amsterdam and feel on holiday in your own city!”

On you will find a complete overview of all outdoor yoga locations in the Netherlands. On the beach, in the park, on the water or on other special locations. Near you or on your holiday destination.