Preparation stress

Holiday; It is healthy and we are looking forward to it. But can you also get stressed weeks before it starts? You’re not the only one with preparation stress and thankfully you can do something about it. Read my best (scientific) tips for an optimal holiday feeling.


  1. Take a holiday Research shows that holiday makes you feel more, energetic, healthier and pleasant. Your mood improves and you are less tired and tense. If you are such a person who is regularly skipping vacation, there is a risk you get sick more often. It’s even demonstrated there is a relation to premature death. Holiday is therefore not a luxury; It is a fantastic way to recharge your energy.
  2. Bring your work to completion “If everything is done I can safely go on holiday”. This thought seems logical, but gives you extra workload. Don’t be rushed; begin your holiday rested. Make a conscious planning, so you know where you stand.
  3. Sport at the end of your last working day Do we now also need sports for a holiday feeling? Yes, it helps to break down stress hormones and it’s easier to take mentally distance. Last year I made a brisk bike ride on the day before my vacation. And indeed, I felt much more at ease
  4. Experience the holiday feeling What can be done during holiday, can maybe be done at this moment. What brings you in holiday mood. Having a drink with a colleague on a terrace? Having a break for a walk? Or behave like a tourist in your own city. Then you are open and curious again.

More holiday feeling?

Some of these tips come from the research by Jessica de Bloom. Read more in her book “De kunst van het vakantievieren”(the art of celebrating holidays). You also want to bring your holiday feeling into your work? Read more information about the my workshop on 17 September. More holiday feeling-tips you can soon read on

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