Magic with healthy stuff!

Fifteen girls are on the table in the classroom. Every now and then there is some giggling or a shriek when a slice cucumber slips of an eye. The girls are relaxing for about five minutes with a self-made facial mask.

Before ended up on the relax-table they have made a facial mask of products everywhere available and easy to get. In addition to cottage cheese, yogurt or water they could, among other things add avocado, banana, carrots, honey and/or cocoa.

Healthy masks

Of each product they have got an explanation what the effect on the skin is. They may us up to four products to create a mask. Of course they also need to look what fits with their own skin. Something oily, something what helps against blackheads, or something what purifies or feeds the skin.

The cocoa and honey are popular, all of them want to use it. It’s hard to get them not to use more than four products. If the masks are ready they should be applied on the face. That’s pretty scary in the beginning … but after I put some on my own face, they also dare.

Edible ingredients

If all masks are applied the relaxing starts. After the five minutes wash our faces and Gendelys (8) comes up to me. I need to feel her face and she says: “it’s just magic! You’ve got some ordinary things you can eat, you make a mask and your skin becomes very soft! ”

If we have felt each other’s skin, the leftovers from the masks are tasted, because yes, of course you also can eat it! That’s also healthy.

The Beautysalon

Making facial masks is one of the subjects of ‘ De Beautysalon ‘, a program by De TOREN van Klinker. It is carried out at schools in Amsterdam Zuid Oost (south east) or on children’s parties.



Photo credits: Mirjam van Klink