Ice creams with natural sugars

It’s summer again! In the summer we eat ice cream. In any case the kids want ice cream again. Ordinary ice cream is usually loaded with added sugar. How can you spoil your kids-and yourself-and keep it healthy at the same time? By making fruit ice cream yourself. In fact, they are ready in no time. Just look how easy it is …

What do you need?

It depends what flavor you want: strawberry, blueberry or mango. Anything is possible, because you can cut the fruit into small pieces and put it along with water in the juicer. Then you pour the juice/drap in an ice cream form and put it in the freezer. After a few hours they are frozen and your ice creams are ready. In addition to a juicer, freezer and  forms you need about 600 grams of fruit and 125 ml of water.

Mango ice cream

Take for example mango ice cream. Delicious sweet! But also healthy! Scientists have shown that eating mangoes regularly is good for the skin. This becomes softer and less dull. There’s also plenty of calcium and magnesium in it. And glutamic acid which promotes concentration and memory. And finally, it contains a lot of vitamin C, A, E and B6. So your kids think they just to eat an ice cream, but you know better J.

Recipe for 6 mango ice creams

600 grams Mango 125 ml water

Cut the mango into small pieces. Put them together with the water in the juicer and make it a smoothie. Then pour this in the ice cream form and put them in the freezer.

And here you can super-fast see how you make them.

For more then 30 of these delicious recipes check my book ‘Smullen zonder suiker’ (Feast without sugar), ISBN 978908214610, 2015, Hilversum, uitgeverij (publishing House) Acanthis. There is also a website Smullen zonder suiker!’.

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