A week and a half

Already a week and a half I have been following the blood type diet for blood group O. no dairy, potatoes, coffee and wheat. A lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and tea. In addition, 4 times a week sports. Unfortunately, that last one is less well off. I’ll not go beyond three times a week.

Preparing a blood type diet

If you follow a diet, it is important to prepare well. In this case I also have prepared myself several days before I actually began; starting with less coffee and sugar. There were bowls with figs, dried mango and sunflower seeds as a snack. Normally I go for milk chocolate!

Results so far

I follow the diet pretty good, although some moments it’s difficult not to order a (small) cappucino. Especially when I’m not at ease with myself, I fancy a nice cup. But according to the blood type diet, someone with blood type O should, when he is tired or not feeling well, start moving. So sports. I don’t always manage to this. After 1.5 week I lost one kilo, according to the scales at the fitness club. I mainly have the idea that exercise helps me to feel a little bit more energy. Furthermore, my digestion is much easier than normal. It’s clear this is because of the other food.

Goodies without wheat

As I said, I have quite a sweet tooth. I like cookies, sandwiches and pastries. In short all with wheat. What to do when you are not allowed to eat wheat? Here are a few options which I liked the past few weeks.

o Dried pieces of organic mango.

o Dates coated with chocolate. Buy chocolate with over 70% cocoa or special melting chocolate and melt it (au bain-marie) in a small pan. Throw a few dates in and dip them in the chocolate. Scoop the dates out with a spoon and let them dry on a glass cutting board or plate:

o Herring with onions.

o Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa (without milk powder).


Would you like to know more, look at datamo.

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Photo credits Hanneke