Healing Tao meditation

Some years ago I came in touch with Healing Tao. For me a very effective system of chi kung exercises and meditations. They increased my vitality and insight within myself. But what is Healing Tao exactly?


Healing Tao is based on ancient Taoist knowledge and experience. The Chinese/Thai teacher Mantak Chia has gotten this knowledge and experience of his Chinese teacher One Cloud. It was intended that he would make them accessible to the West. Therefore, he collected and organized these insights so westerners could practice this system.


Although they usually give lessons in groups, yet it is an individual training where you self-explore what works well for you. The exercises are carried out with attention. There is an active-and a resting phase (yang and yin). In this way you always practice with that balance between active and rest. As a result, the balance in your body and in your emotional being is gradually restored

  • on physical level with the warm-up and structure-exercises;
  • on emotional level with balancing your emotions;
  • on the mental level with creating focus and concentration;
  • on spiritual level with the art of “experiencing” of all there is.

Strong Center

To strengthen your health, it is important to prevent not just leaking energy. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the energy in the belly area (tantien). If this area is strong and vibrant, it attracts the energy of nature and of earth and enables this energy to flow through all meridians (energy channels in our body).

Inner structure

In addition to the softness, necessary for the energy to flow, there is also power in Healing Tao. You will learn to use the structure of your body – of bones, muscles and tendons – and get powerful and yet relaxed.


In Amsterdam there are several teachers Healing Tao. Occasional my own teacher Fransje Bannenberg still gives lesson. The site of Healing Tao Nederland shows a listing of all instructors in Amsterdam!

Read more informatie about Healing Tao in English on universal-tao

(source: healingtao)

Photo credits: Els de Bruin