Building huts outside

As a child, every summer I spent a week with my cousins in the Children’s village. A week of building a village where you could build your own cabins, open a shop or become mayor. Each year on Monday we were standing in front the gate, pushing to get in. And every day with a different program: a song festival, baking bread by the fire, or being creative. And what’s more, it was entirely run by volunteers!

In the Amsterdam East exists something similar, which is open all year round on Wednesday noon, Saturday and Sunday: Youth Land. Make Land is the program in Youth Land. 

Make Land

You can make things such as a hut, a go-kart or a pumpkin. But also a rocket, a birdhouse, an insect hotel, a doorbell, a strawberry cake or a pancake. So keep a close eye on the program of Youth Land. There is almost always something to make. Make Land is for children up to 14 years.

Make Land members can join introduction workshops for free on Sundays between. In the holidays there is a special program and in spring and autumn there are workshop series of eight gatherings. Becoming a member is free, without obligation and can be done via the registration form on the website or at the bar in the lemonade pavilion.

Dwarf path

In Youth Land is a dwarf path. Ten dwarfs are spread out on the ground. The children can search for them and there is an assignment attached to every dwarf. A great way for kids to discover nature. Suited for children from 2 years. The booklets with assignments are available at the bar for €2,50 each.

Natural environment

Youth Land considers it important that children in the city can play, create and care in a natural environment. Make Land is a program where the natural consciousness of children is increased in a playful manner and where new and old crafts are made visible and accessible to children. (Source:

Would you also like to go to Youth Land with your kids, click here.

Photo credits: Maakland