Up and around the Noordermarket

The Jordaan has got a lot of nice shops and there is always a nice vibe! If you have visited the Boerenmarkt (Farmers market) before, which takes place every Saturday on the Noordermarket, I will now take you further into the Jordaan. Because in that neighbourhood there are certainly a few shops you have to visit.

Chemist with natural products

Would you like to try an excessive amount of different products for body and mind, then you definitely have to go to Lavendula natuurdrogist (nature chemist) on the Westerstraat. For adults, kids and baby’s. Here you will find all the big cosmetic, body and personal care brands. From Dr. Hauschka and Weleda to Bach Flower Remedies and  the loveliest teas from Pukka with names like ‘Love’ or ‘Relax’. It is a cosy shop fully packed with products, so you can spend at least a good hour there, having a look around. The products are all organic and not tested on animals!

Apple pie

Do you feel like a cup of tea or coffee with something sweet, make sure to not miss out on Winkel 43 on the corner of  the Noordermarket and Westerstraat. Here they make everyday a freshly baked apple pie. It is actually always busy here and especially in summertime its really crowded. A good alternative is cafe De Blaffende Vis, a little bit further down the Westerstraat. Next to serving coffee and tea they also serve bread rolls, apple pie from Patisserie Kuyt: full with apple pieces, delicious sweet raisins and shaved almonds. According to The Parool, the Best Apple pie of Amsterdam’ and Kuyt is known for using only the best quality ingredients. Which you can certainly taste!

Flea and antiques

Do you like sustainable products and especially flea products, than you have to go to De Weldaad! This shop is actually packed with the most beautiful used stuff. Tables, chairs, cabinets, little chairs, vases, jars, plates and glass pharmacists bottles. Please take a well filled wallet with you, because it’s not particularly cheap. A French flea table with white painted legs costs for example 195 euro. But everything here is so beautiful!

All the locations are about a minute walk from each other.

Farmers market, Noordermarkt.

Lavendula nature chemist. Westerstraat 14.

Winkel 43, Noordermarkt 43.

De Blaffende Vis, Westerstraat 118.

Patisserie Kuyt, Utrechtsestraat 109-111.

De Weldaad, antiques, living accessories & vintage.

Have a nice and cosy getaway; go shopping in the Jordaan!

Photocredits: Hanneke Sloof