Everything about gemstones

Gemstones occupy an important place in my life. I feel the energy of gemstones and my studio and home are full of little gemstones. Each stone has a story. I bought the first stone in 1998, when during my holiday in the Czech Republic a red jasper stone drew my attention. That stone was the Brecciated Jasper. This Jasper makes your body stronger; energy wise this stone neutralizes everything in your environment that interferes with your health, both physically and mentally. The Brecciated Jasper removes negative energy and replaces it with positive.

I found myself in a difficult period and when I look back, this stone was a great choice at that moment. After that I have always chosen my gemstones intuitively. Often without knowing the effect or meaning of it. Usually each stone suits the fase I find myself in.


A great anecdote is that on Marktplaats I found a beautiful Amethist that was on the other side of the country. I emailed the seller and he thought it was a good idea if I would come by to feel the stone’s energy. Although my husband didn’t understand why we had to make this trip, he trusted my instinct and drove me there lovingly. I felt the stone and was convinced instantly.

I use the gemstones for myself, I carry them with me and they are surrounding me in my house. Or I use them for treatments. Especially young children feel the energy and are often mesmerized by it. I also use them to reinforce the energy of my studio.

Because I can feel the energy of gemstones, it’s normal to use this energy in everyday life. People who don’t feel the energy, are appealed by their shape of color. And that often suits these people at that moment.

Stones are healing to me, supporting and also very beautiful. In Amsterdam I purchase them at Edelstenenlux on the Ruysdaelkade or at De Roos in the Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat. But often I find gemstones in nature and when I travel I bring gemstones with me as well.

Let gemstones give you energy!