A mindful moment

A massage is very pleasant when you’re pregnant. The physical benefits of a pregnancy massage are often highlighted; relaxed muscles and the reduction of pregnancy pains. Although this is a very welcome effect, I will set out the mental benefits that a massage can give you during your pregnancy.

Hectic and work stress

The hustle and bustle is bigger than normal during your pregnancy. Apart from everything that needs to be arranged before the baby comes, there often are projects at work that need to be completed. Like this, your pregnancy weeks fly by.

This is a shame, because it’s great to experience your pregnancy in the moment. It is a period in which you develop a relationship with your baby and go through a lot together. A pregnancy massage is one of those shared experiences!

In the moment

The massage brings you in the moment. You bring your attention inward, you focus on your breath and on your child. Restless thoughts move to the background. The peace that arises, gives you the space to connect with your child. This experience teaches you to be more in the moment with your baby and to enjoy it. The more you build in these moments during your pregnancy, the easier it is to keep this going when the baby is there.

Special pregnancy massage table

In my practice I perform the massage on a special massage table, with cutouts for belly and breasts. Like this you can also lie on your stomach later in your pregnancy and this is experienced as very pleasant.

Offer pregnancy massage

Another massage form is the Shiatsu massage. This massage aims to balance the energy in the meridians. Look in this list for a Shiatsu therapist in your neighborhood. Choose a practice that is within easy reach for you. Especially if you are already far ahead in your pregnancy, as it’s not very practical to travel longer than necessary.

Would you like to receive a pregnancy massage? For more information about pregnancy massage, have a look at my practice on Back in Balans.

A pregnancy massage brings you in the moment!

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