Whole wheat vegan sushi

We all know them, sushi made from white rice. But do you like to try another flavour? Try macrobiotic. It is really different than what you are used to. That has to do with the thought behind it: balanced, healthy and delicious food, with the macrobiotic philosophy as a guide. Here sushi is seen as the whole and you will get the most important nutrients of it.

Make them yourself

When you are making your own vegan sushi, the basis should always be:
o whole wheat grain rice (sold as round brown rice, for sale at natural foods stores);
o regional vegetables;
o a protein rich dressing; fried tempeh or smoked tofu;
o roasted nori. You can get these anywhere, supermarket, toko and organic shop. Nowadays they are already roasted standard.

Macrobiotic sushi is different, because other, pure ingredients, are used and in addition to good food it is also about health. With more knowledge about nutrition, you can now decide for yourself what is good for you, apart from all the promises on the catchy packaging. Get familiar with the qualities of yin and yang that belong to the macrobiotic philosophy. They help you to choose the right, balanced choice with nutrition and lifestyle.

Types of sushi

There are different types of sushi, with the most important distinction the goal: do you eat a thick sushi (futomaki) as a complete lunch at work or the thin party sushi (hosomaki)?

From the party sushi you can cut out 8 pieces in 1 roll. You can make, for example, a Californian, inside-out sushi with sesame seeds or chopped chives on the outside and with the nori inside. Or Noodle sushi with brown rice noodles, available in different colours. Cut through you will see the beautiful dots of the noodles.

sushi 3


Would you like to learn to make them with my macrobiotic guidance? I regularly organise a workshop (3 hours). The workshop will take place in good looking cooking studios and beautiful outdoor spots in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Click here for more information.


Photocredits: Anneriek Holtermans