To get children to eat vegetables

Almost every parent knows how difficult it sometimes is to get your child to eat vegetables. Children need to learn to eat new flavours, like something bitter or sour food. How do you do it? Keet Smakelijk (Tasty) has the solution: make it fun!


On this site you will find recipes for quick pasta, asparagus fries, macamole, and eggplant pies. The names alone make you curious and that works the same with children. At Keet Smakelijk (Tasty) it’s all about how you can let your children eat vegetables in a pleasant way. The idea came originally from a family in which the parents wanted to learn their own children to eat vegetables.

Chef it together is a cheerful site with lots of funny movies in which children make a recipe themselves in a very nice clean kitchen, with the title Chef it together. Check out this video, in which the gravy is replaced by raw vegetables in a classic stew, to make the stew “extra happy and crisp”.

Playful information

The site is packed with useful information, delicious recipes and everything is shared in a playful way, so your child will be curious about it. In every way the toddlers, preschoolers and older children are involved in cooking and eating vegetables. You’ll find recipes, tips and cooking vlogs. Also to tell about stories in which vegetables play a role helps. For example, let’s say your child does not want to eat broccoli: “All of a sudden we saw it: broccoli is just like afro hair. And with such hefty afro hair you have to go to the hairdresser. With their teeth the children cut the hair. A bite, and another bite and suddenly the whole broccoli got eaten.”


Keet Smakelijk (Keet Tasty) has published several books, such as Keet Smakelijk part 1 (€ 19.50) and the Toddler Soup book (€ 9.95). Beautifully and attractively designed booklets full of vegetable recipes.

Photocredits: Keet Smakelijk