Go back to heal

In regression therapy you are going, under careful guidance, back to former, disturbing and not processed experiences. The therapist helps you in a light trance, where you stay fully conscious. You are then in a condition with a different level of brain waves; the waves go slower than normal. As a result, you observe more and more aware. There follows a reliving of the distortion in which emotions, images and inner knowing come forward, you had rather unconsciously repressed. This reliving gives space to real processing of a painful experience.

Psycho-spiritual regression

The loving attention to an injured part, in yourself, helps to discover entrapment and restrictive patterns of distress or trauma. By offering substantive care you then can discharge fixed energy. This gives tangible liberation. The last part of a session is dedicated to the deeper understanding that what you’ve been through. Which meaning can a painful experience have for you? And how can you clear insights regarding to your life consciously integrate? That’s why this particular form of healing is called: psycho-spiritual regression.

When regression therapy?

At misunderstood complaints of mental or physical nature, in which there is no demonstrable medical cause. There is always an intake session to determine if regression makes sense. It is important to realize that the origin of a disturbance can be as deep or far you don’t have a conscious memory of it

It is not uncommon that a regression leads to the prenatal phase or the own birth. Some emotional events are in this life but with complex themes, you can also reach experiences from a previous existence. At persistent complaints where a child not seems to recover, sometimes one of the parents can also do a session for the daughter or son.

We generally work with a short-term track to heal in the depth and to come back in the own strength. You can read (in English) more about this form of regression therapy on: Psycho-spiritual Geneeswijzen.nl .