A world that opens

When you are pregnant for the first time, there is a whole new world opening for you; probably you have not realized that the arrival of a child brings so much with itself. There is so much to choose, to decide and so much to know.

Cognitive process?

Many pregnant women read complete libraries and browse the internet, looking for information and recognition. When you see pregnancy and give birth as a cognitive, rational and manageable process where for you need a lot of information, then your vision comes in line with your hunger for knowledge and your need to satisfy this.

Trust and intuition?

But if you your look upon your pregnancy and the birth of your child as a process in which confidence, intuition and female power play a role, then it is useful in the coming time also to pay attention to this.

At the course Pregnant and Fit all aspects will be covered:

  • Information, because it is important to know what is happening and disempower any unjustified assumptions or old wives tales.
  • Active in movement because pregnancy is not an illness and it’s nice to move and to feel your whole body. A good physical condition adds to the performance you are going to deliver during labor and delivery.
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises increase your ability to handle contractions and to use it to get your child to be born.

In this way you will increase the confidence in yourself and there is more space for your intuition. And of course there are also partner lessons to realize real teamwork, for it is precisely in childbirth you want to feel supported by your partner. Together with your ‘fellow pregnant women’ you will be well prepared for one of the biggest events of your life!

Are you looking for a very complete, informative, active and practical pregnancy- and giving birth course? Then Pregnant and Fit is something for you!

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