You don’t want to miss this: Yummya!

Do you also love good food? Then you will probably like the fact the food festival season has started again in Amsterdam! Amsterdam Kookt (Amsterdam Cooks), Rollende Keukens (Rolling Kitchens), Het Hoofdgerecht (The Main Course)… All events that focus on good food and having a good time. But: there is also a new kid in town. Yummya. And you want to go there!

Why? On Liberation Day and during Ascension Weekend the Jaap Edenbaan in Amsterdam will be transformed into one big food paradise. The festival Yummya will be dominated by high-quality street food. You can get delicious food and drinks at just about 45 food trucks. And I can’t wait to try it all!

Food trucks

Which food trucks should you definitely visit? We listed the healthiest ones for you (at least, of the food trucks that are made public up until now):

  • Sapkar: start your day with a fresh juice from the slow-pressed juicer! Sapkar serves smoothies, vegetable juices and shots.
  • Fruitland: another juice and smoothie truck! Especially try the frozen yogurts.
  • Wrap ‘n’ Rolling: wraps made of wholegrain spelt flour and filled with exquisite ingredients.
  • De Veggiekar: here you can order vegan wraps!
  • Vleesch Noch Visch: for a Greek pita with vegetarian gyros.  YUM!
  • MILF: fish lover? At MILF you can order delicious tacos, ceviche, prawns and fish burgers.

Garden of Eden

The theme of Yummya is ‘Garden of Eden’. Inspired by Adam and Eve. Visit Eden’s Garden, go to Adam’s Apple, and steel a kiss at Eve’s Kiss or eat of the Forbidden Fruits! And what more is there to do from 5 to 8 May 2016? Be surprised by various acts, dance in the silent disco and take your kids on the trampoline or in the carousel. You will definitely have a good time!

I believe the very first edition of street food festival Yummya is going to be amazing. And entrance is for free! For more information, check: