Learning and development

We often think it is a chore to work on ourselves, to discover yourselves. But learning and development is our true nature. Just look at a small child: that examines everything, and from the age of three they ask you constantly all kind of questions. But soon this will change, because we are going to conform, because this is what we are asked to do, or because we hope by doing that, we will count


The aim is to learn to give up the things that you’ve learned because (you thought) others found that important. The aim is to discover what is really right for you and where you become to your own. There are sometimes a lot of limiting thoughts and feelings to get in the way, for example, that something is not for you, that you’ll never be able to, that you will not allow others, that it will cost you a lot of trouble, or maybe that it is actually not so important. Do you recognize this kind of thoughts? They can be persistent, and then indeed it is sometimes hard working to dismantle them, but in the end you get your own beautiful self back again.

I see people find their passion again, start their own business, play an instrument, go on holiday alone for the first time, finally do that course, give classes again with real pleasure, or look at their partner with different eyes. And it often goes much further, it comes to essential changes in your life, your contacts, your pursuits. For example, I myself got rid of my tv!


I use the PRI (fits Reality Integration) method, which is practical and profound at the same time, and gives the best result: it delivers concrete and lasting changes and put you on a path where self-development is a “way of life”. A path you can keep walking because you get the tools in your own hands.

rediscovering_tt_self_voorkant* The title of this article: ‘ Rediscover your true self! “refers to the founder of the first book of the PRI, Ingeborg Bosch: ‘Rediscovering the true self’.

Photo credits: Pixabay