De wereld van Sukha (The world of Sukha)

At the recommendation of my (web)designer who is a big fan of Sukha, I visited the shop in the Haarlemmerstraat. You become instantly happy when you walk into the store. Beautiful handcrafted paper sheets are hanging on the wall with little poems that make you smile. I read for instance:


Soms zijn ze groot
Soms zijn ze klein
Je hoeft ze niet te zoeken
Je kunt ze ook zijn

(Points of light

Sometimes they’re big
Sometimes they’re small
You don’t need to look for them
As you can be them all


It warms your heart when you read something like this. Also Sukha’s artisan products have something unique. There are beautiful handcrafted items of wood, paper and other natural materials. Furthermore there are clothes, jewelry and baby products available in the store.

Eco-friendly and fair trade

All products available in the store are of Dutch design, fair trade and eco-friendly produced. You can buy postcards with a beautiful Sukha poem, little wooden stools in which you can still recognize the tree, handy carton boxes. Next to it there are notebooks, wooden bowls, stylish tableware and beautiful bed covers.

Profit is shared

A part of the profit is donated via the Sukha Foundation to education and housing for underprivileged children in Nepal. These children are missing one or both of their parents, which deprives them of the opportunity to develop themselves further. The foundation enables them to finish primary school and, in some cases, further education. Furthermore the foundation takes care of the complete interior design of the orphanage Kumbeshwar in Kathmandu, where these children live.


Als je naar de sterren kijkt
Zwaai dan altijd even
Want wie weet is er een planeet
Waar het barst van het leven
Waar iemand net hetzelfde doet
En je vrolijk terug begroet


When you look at the stars 
Always wave a while
Because there might be a planet
That bursts of life
Where someone just does the same thing 
And sends back cheerful greetings 

Webshop and store

You can buy all these beautiful things in the webshop or visit the store on the Haarlemmerstraat 110 in Amsterdam. De wereld van Sukha is opened from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:30 and on Sundays from 13:00 to 18:00.