Are you having an intense cold?

That isn’t surprising. During the autumn and winter months you suffer from a cold more often. In stoked rooms with less fresh air bacteria and viruses can settle and move around freely. It often helps to ventilate. But vitamin C as well!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important for your body. It strengthens your immune system and does much more good work. How do you make sure you take enough vitamin C? Vitamin C can dissolve in water, that’s why the body can’t absorb it. Thus it’s important to get a sufficient amount of it from your nutrition. You will have to keep an eye on it, as its is quickly broken down. That for example happens if you cook food (too long), if you keep food too long, or if food is exposed to the air after cutting it.

There are also circumstances that make that you need an increased amount of vitamin C. The vitamin C  in your body reduces by usage of alcohol, aspirine and tobacco. Also in case of stress and infections your body requires more vitamin C. In winter you should therefore support your immune system.


Useful top 10

The association of naturopaths has composed a useful top 10 of food with the highest level of vitamin C per 100 grams:
1 red and yellow capsicum
2 parsley
3 endive
4 kiwi fruit
5 broccoli
6 green capsicum
7 Brussel sprouts
8 kohlrabi
9 papaya
10 red cabbage
And yes, oranges too contain a large amount of this vitamin, but falls just outside of the top 10.

You strengthen your immune system with vitamin C and that is extra important in tje cold months!

Photo credits: Lisan Akkerman