Overcome fear

It’s become such a normal language: “overcome fear”. No one is talking about overcome your joy. You also never read 10 tips for not being happy anymore.

But when it comes to fear, it is very common in our daily lives to encourage each other not to be afraid any longer.

What is so very bad to fear?

If you make a walk in the nature and there is a Lion coming at you, then it is valuable that your experiencing fear. It is a counselor; It puts a survival impulse. Your body switches in a brilliant way over on the so-called reptilian brain. An ancient brain part that every human being has and allows him to survive.

And exactly from this survival sense, these sensations, you want to get rid of.

To feel these body sensations is not pleasant, you think. Each of us has a particular imprint of fear from when you were very small. This dependent and vulnerable feeling you ever have experienced as a child, you don’t want to experience again and you want to shutdown these anxious sensations.

Curious about fear

There comes a retreat motion when there is fear. How I discovered this myself? I noticed to myself that I dared to write on Facebook about fear that had been and where I could look back on relaxed. But I didn’t dare to write while I experienced it. For me this was a surprising observation. Because what was so exciting about it? I intended to write on Facebook in a moment of fear to see what happens then. Read next week in part 2 my discoveries.

Are you also curious about your fear? I guide you with pleasure during an individual session by being lovingly present at it, so you can discover its value. Look for an appointment on https://www.lichaamswerkamsterdam.nl/

Photo credits: Pixabay