Balance and teenagers?

An impossible title when we talk about the group of 11 to 14 year-olds! After all, as a teenager balance is sorely lacking. And as the mother of a teenager I was able to experience this closely. Even my 14-year old son, who is known for being imperturbably balanced, was out of balance when he had to change his safe primary school for a new high school.

A new world

A new school (read: a new world) and often a new body too, create a total imbalance! Starting from 8th grade the beginning teenager’s carefree life is replaced by a series of highly stressful periods. The school exams they have in 8th grade move over for stress about whether or not they ar accepted by their high school of choice. Once they start at their new school, nothing is what it used to be anymore!

Perform, perform, perform

A teenager needs to perform a lot. At least, that’s how the teen might experience it. School, sports, and/or making music is taken very seriously. And then I’m not even talking about ‘scoring‘ new friends, which is also a form of performance.

Teenagers like yoga

As a teenager you are concerned with other people’s expectations and as a result insecurities increase. In my studio Back in Balans I teach a group of teenage girls on Fridays. They really enjoy the classes and take it very seriously. You would think they find the meditation boring, but they love doing it. So don’t decide for your teenager that he or she won’t like it or thinks it’s wishy-washy. You’ll be surprised about how the opposite is true!

o Yoga and meditation provide an increase in self-confidence.
o Yoga results in an improved posture.
o Yoga and meditation teach you to gard your limits and stick up for yourself.
o Yoga and meditation are not competitive and therefore always good.
o Yoga and meditation teach you how to handle stressful situations.
o Yoga and meditation are experienced as pleasant by teenagers.

Tips to meditate together at home

A visualization practice is fun and nice to do together. If your child is a bit older, you can have you child record the visualization by your child. There are different books available with meditation practice for children.

o Sit down together on a blanket or pillow.
o Light a nice smelling candle.
o Close your eyes and tell a story that’s easy to follow.
o Let your imagination run wild and fantasize about walking together on a beach and name everything you run into. Or visualize a walk through the forest and tell out loud about what you see. Your child listens and tries to picture what you tell about.

Tips to do yoga together at home

Practicing yoga together is fun and can provide wonderful relaxation. There are many books available with yoga poses you can do together, or check the internet on YouTube.

o Buy a nice yoga mat together.
o Keep it simple and short; 20 minutes is already quite a long time.
o Start with a sun salutation (look on the internet), that is fun.
o Make it into a weekly thing, set on a fixed time.

Yoga studio

There are different yoga studios that offer classes for teenagers. At most studios it’s possible to do a trial class. It’s important that the school is within reach and that the atmosphere appeals to you.