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My last cappuccino today. Sob! Starting from tomorrow I will voluntarily follow a diet for the first time in my life. I’ve had the book The Blood Type Diet by Peter D’Adamo at home for years and I recognize everything it says from my own experience. I’ve been quite tired for a long time now and I’m planning to follow this diet strictly. With my blood type O I will have to stick to a diet of mainly fruit, vegetables and small servings of organic meat. A huge challenge because I can’t have coffee, wheat, milk and yogurt.

Blood type diet

Bloedgroepdieet Blood type dietThe blood type diet is a way of life designed to stay as healthy as possible. D’Adamo also suggests rules for exercise and supplements. Peter D’Adamo’s father was a doctor who recognized the same ailments from people with the same blood type. He started to map his findings and has created lists of food that works as a medicine, food that is neutral and food that works ‘against’ you, meaning that it’s hard to digest. Peter D’Adamo has continued his father’s work and wrote a book about it.

Blood type origin

According to Dr. D’Adamo the different blood types genetically stem from different ancestors. Thus, blood type O comes from the hunters of yesteryear. Blood type A comes from the farm workers; blood type B from the nomads; blood type AB is the ‘youngest’ blood type and is a merge between A and B.


Blood type A

  • The first vegetarian
  • Harvests what he sows
  • Sensitive gastrointestinal tract
  • Tolerant immune system
  • Adapts well to a fixed regime and the environment
  • Responds best to stress with calming action
  • Requires an agricultural diet to stay slim and productive

Blood type B

  • Balanced
  • Strong immune system
  • Strong digestive tract
  • Very flexible diet options
  • Consumer of dairy
  • Responds best to stress with creativity
  • Requires balance between physical and mental activity to stay slim and up-to-date

Blood type AB

  • Modern merge of A and B
  • Chameleon-like response to changing environmental and nutritional conditions
  • Sensitive digestive tract
  • Excessive tolerant immune system
  • Responds best to stress spiritually, with physical verve and creative energy
  • An evolutionary mystery

Blood type O

  • Carnivore*
  • Strong digestive tract
  • Overly active immune system
  • Doesn’t tolerate nutritional and environmental adjustments
  • Responds best to stress with intensive psychical activity
  • Needs an efficient metabolism to stay slim and energetic

(Source: The Blood Type Diet – Peter D’Adamo)

I keep you posted about my experiences!

*Dr. D’Alamo promotes small portions of organic meat from animals that eat what is intended by nature (such as grass with reference to cows).

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