Lavandin oil has many applications

For years I have been going to the Provence, where I stay in a small village near Nyons. Here is where I discovered the essential lavandin oil super bio. First I used the lavandin oil especially for the relaxation and wonderful scent. When I started giving shiatsu therapy, I discovered that it is also a nice tool to balance people’s energy.

Last summer I had a pleasant meeting with Philippe Soguel, the Director of the Distillery Bleu Provence in Nyons-Drôme Provençale. For more than 17 years he has been growing lavandin. He told me that the smell of lavandin is stronger and more sophisticated than Lavender. The lavandin oil super bio that I use, is the most refined kind.

How it works

Lavendin Super Bio

Not only my customers are excited about the calming effect and the smell, even fellow therapists and yoga teachers use the lavandin oil in their practice and lessons. Recently, I discovered that the oil also works well for depression and nervousness. The use of the lavandin oil soothes and relaxes. You can use the oil for heart palpitations, tightness, tension headaches or high blood pressure. The lavandin oil is also suitable for skin complaints and mosquito bumps. It can help reduce menstrual pain or the absence of menstruation. It is a tool with many uses and for that reason it is a popular essential oil.

Tips for using it:

  • put a few drops of lavandin oil in a small bowl of water and it spreads a lovely smell in your toilet and bedroom (it protects against mosquitoes);
  • put a few drops of lavandin oil (after dissolving them in milk, honey or sea salt) in a warm bath for a wonderful scent and calming effect;
  • put a few drops of oil on a cloth and put it with your washing, smells nice and refreshing;
  • put the oil on your hands if you give someone a skin massage;
  • put a few drops of the oil in your hair after washing it, to withdrawal dandruff;
  • put a few drops of the oil with a wet cotton ball on your mosquito bump;
  • drizzle the oil as a natural pesticide on an ants nest.

The lavandin of Distillery Bleu Provence in Nyons-Drôme Provençale is soon available at the webshop of and now via

Photocredits bottle: Martin van Wier