Sacral bone

os sacrum

Triangular shape
Sacred place
Connection between the left and right half of the pelvis
Carrier of the rising vertebral column
The lower half of the body connected to
the top half, symbolically the connection between
the upper and the lower

The ‘ Holy middle ‘, pivot point of existence
Place of change and transformation
Doorway to the other world in some old
cultures, where the ‘sacral bone’ plays a role in reincarnation

Point of I’m
“The sacrum is the focal point of our relationship with the ground,
the body, and our human reality ”
(Judith Harris in ‘ Jung and yoga ‘)

heilig beenHeilig-been (Sacral bone) (Tulipwood, height 33 cm)

Ode to the body

My work is nothing else than an ode to the body … I am a sculptor and furniture maker in wood, especially sculptor, physical anatomy is my great inspiration. Shapes that are reminiscent of the body are the core of my work, in sculptures and in furniture, in which the organic line is the starting point and the construction is adapted to the carved shape.

The body never lies, even if you cannot say anything more, the body will express in some way how you feel: in posture, in body tension, a change in sound or change in amount of energy and so on. This functioning of the body fascinates me. In addition, I never get bored with the shapes. Each individual piece of surface on a bone has a feature, down to the last detail. The body is to me like the most perfect design in architecture ever designed. I marvel at how life in physical form ‘ works ‘, whether it is the mechanical constructions in the skeleton or to the expression of the soul through the eyes. The body is so subservient us, even when we think it should be different. Perhaps especially at that moment. I love the body.

Every month I share on one of my works, with a poem or poetic prose, inspired on the body. ‘Heilig-Been’ is the second statue in the series ‘Oer’ (Primal)

Photo credits: Paul de Bie