Consciousness on complaints

Often I see that someone who enters my practice for the first time, having tension in his or her body. Sometimes someone is aware of it by, for example, pain or insomnia. But sometimes not at all. You may think that you are relaxed, until you really start feeling.

Recognizable complaints

I recognize that to myself. Those places I do not feel in everyday life, turn out to be places that, when I pay attention, contain tension. What I see is that I got used to certain tensions.

Admitting pain

Chronic tension is in all of us. Part of it is also healthy. Your lungs and your heart need a certain tension to function. That chronic stress is stored in us when we were small. What as a child made too much impact on you to admit, was saved as tension. In muscles, joints and even to cell level. It is this chronic tension that you can no feel anymore. You need a certain amount of relaxation in order to feel how much tension there inside you.

Growth of consciousness

In that sense pain symptoms are good news. They are, in my opinion, an invitation from your higher self to wake up. Through your body there is indicated that it is time to admit what you as a child could not. You might call it growing pains, in the sense of awareness growth. The goal is not to get from stress to relaxation, but to be with love and curiosity at your tension. When the tension can be exactly as he is, he can solve. Admitting pain and discomfort brings relief.

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Photo credits: Pixabay